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RV and trailer Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

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Like a traditional home, an RV is a major investment, and one that requires proper attention and foresight to ensure a fair transaction. RV Repair Source of Texas offers mobile RV services across much of the state, as well as pre-purchase inspections to help you gain a clear picture of what you are buying. We can also provide this service to sellers who wish to maximize their sale value and avoid any surprises once a purchase is set in motion.

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Our experienced technicians will provide lasting peace of mind when it comes to your RV pre-purchase inspection. We’ll create a report to show you the action items and upcoming concerns. It pays to know that you’re investing in a quality vehicle, and our RV repair company is here to help!

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Performing an RV Inspection

This process is unique in that it resembles a traditional home inspection combined with a test drive for a new automobile. A few of the inspection points on our comprehensive list include:

  • External Condition

  • Tires & Brakes

  • Mechanical Controls

  • Fluid Levels

  • Suspension & Slide Systems

  • Battery & Connections

  • Water System & Drainage

  • Gas Systems & Appliances

  • Generator

  • Entertainment Systems

  • Internal Condition

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