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RV and trailer Maintenance Plans

Maintain Your RV With Our Mobile Repair Team

When it comes to getting the most out of every mile with your RV, it pays to rely on experienced professionals with a focus on customer service, not pricing. RV Repair Source of Texas offers complete maintenance plans to help you upkeep your investment and avoid any setbacks on the road.

Note: Service time maxed at two hours, parts are not included.

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Twice-Yearly RV Maintenance

$450.00 per year

  • Inspect slide-outs for proper seal and awning operation

  • Change the smoke detector battery

  • Check the C02 monitor

  • Check gas appliances for operation

  • Perform LP gas system inspection

  • Clear roof of debris and check for damages, plus joint seals

For those who do not put as much wear and tear on their RVs, a twice-yearly maintenance plan can do much to minimize surprises while avoiding higher upkeep costs. Our technician will provide a full top-down inspection to ensure that every component on your vehicle is ready for the next adventure.

Quarterly Maintenance Services

$650.00 per year

  • Battery maintenance

  • Run generator and check voltage

  • Check LP gas system for leaks

  • Check and clean all seals (door, roof, windows)

  • Clear debris from roof and slide-outs and check for leaks

Prepare your RV for every season with our quarterly service packages, designed to keep your vital components up and running smoothly year after year. RV Repair Source will schedule a time that works for you and arrive at your location for fast, effective maintenance services.

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