Common Mistakes RV Owners Should Avoid to Save Money

Don’t waste your money on these things!

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Common Mistakes RV Owners Should Avoid to Save Money

When you’re a new RV owner and you’re ready to hit the road to travel and see the world, it can be easy to forget things! But sometimes, forgetting something can create a costly scenario that could have been avoided. At RV Repair resource, we’re here to help you have the best RV trip you can and to ensure that you don’t waste money on unnecessary mistakes!

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You Forget to Make A Necessities List

This may seem like a small mistake in the moment, but as you continue having to purchase yourself items like toothpaste, water, RV care items, and even safety items, you’ll find that this adds up! Don’t get caught paying more for small things at convenience stores at rest stops, and instead make a list before you leave of all the daily items you’ll need.

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You Didn’t Perform a Pre-Trip Checkup

Sometimes, the urge to getaway makes you just want to hop in the RV and start driving! But when that urge hits, make sure you at least take the time to perform a pre-trip checkup on your RV! This will help you with peace of mind on the road because you know that your blinkers are working, no leaks or dents are new to your RV body, and your RV is as road-ready as you are! If you don’t take the time for a checkup, you could end up dealing with time-consuming on-road repairs, which could put a serious damper on your trip!

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You Don’t Bring a First Aid Kit

While no one wants to get injured while on a vacation or road trip, sometimes accidents happen. If you or one of your family ends up with an injury that requires first aid, you’ll want to have your supplies on hand, quickly. Injuries, cuts, scrapes, and even bites from wild animals can quickly lead to costly trips to a pharmacy or even a hospital, if you don’t have the supplies to care for them yourself. Be prepared and make sure you have a first aid kit and any other medical supplies you might need.

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You Didn’t Map Out Your Trip Ahead Of Time

Following where the road takes you isn’t always the great idea it sounds like. Even with GPS, location services, and map apps on everyone’s smartphones, it’s still easier than you might think to get lost, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar part of the country. Avoid getting stuck potentially running out of gas or supplies while on the road by mapping out where you plan to go ahead of time. If you’re set on ‘following the road’, at least make note of places like gas stations, convenience stores, and places to eat or use the restroom along the way so you’re prepared.

Maximize Your Vacation Time and Budget

Hitting the road in your RV is always a fun time, but it’s best to maximize your vacation time and budget by taking a few precautionary steps to avoid costly mistakes on the road. However, if you ever need RV repair or maintenance while out in the world, RV Repair Resource can help! We can come to you and provide any RV services you need to get back out on the road hassle-free and under budget.

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